Games & Ways to Play

Once you are ready to lock up, you have many ways to play! Whether you are solo or with one or more partners, there are a lot of ways to make this fun for all participants. Feel free to use any of these to enjoy yourself!

Also, take a peek at the bottom for playing with chastity over long distance.



Solo Games

It is sometimes difficult for a submissive to find a Dominant who will indulge a chastity fetish. It seems that a female Dominant keyholding for a male submissive is the rarest combination (Although there are many women who do enjoy this type of BDSM relationship! It's just that there are far more submissive males into this than dominant females). Here are some fun games that can be played solo that still allow proper denial of a submissive's pleasure.




Games with Partner(s)

Having a partner or partners in chastity play can make everything significantly better. In addition, the Dominant can reap the rewards of focused attention, the ability to assign chores, controlling the pleasure of a submissive, and denying one of their pleasure while demanding their own pleasure. Here are some games to consider while playing with one or more partners.


Misc. Games & Ways to Play

How to Play with Chastity Over Long Distance

This miniature tutorial will show you how to play with Chastity over a long distance without mailing keys or making the keys unavailable for a lengthy amount of time.

Materials Needed:

The Dominant and submissive take the following steps:

  1. The submissive sets the combination of the Realtor's Lockbox to a random combination without looking
  2. The submissive sends photos of the lock combo to the Dominant without looking. The submissive repeats sending photos until the Dominant confirms he or she can read the combination clearly.
  3. The submissive deletes all photos from the application photo folder and deletes the conversation with the Dominant, so no evidence of the combination is left on the submissive's phone. (your experience may vary based on the app being used. Snapchat auto-deletes so that's one way to be sure the submissive loses the combo)
  4. The submissive closes the Realtor's Lockbox with the keys inside, then scrambles the combination up (again, without looking at the combo)
  5. From this point, the submissive is locked without knowing the combination, and the Dominant has full control over the submissive's access to the keys

And that's it!