One day, I've made some kind of joke / proposition to my female best friend, asking her if she would like to have a threesome with me and my gf. We are all in our 20s. To my surprise, she responded more positively than I would have guessed. We ended up talking about this seriously with my gf (who's my keyholder when we play with chastity) and she's interested in the idea since she always wanted to try something with a girl. The friend in question ended up backing up a little, she's not ready for a threesome yet, but she is interested in doing something with my gf, which we would all be okay to, but not just yet.

So time passed, and as I saw that friend a couple times on my own, I ended up talking about my chastity cage in a sexual discussion. She found it interesting and she liked that I was trying new and kinky stuff. I told her about some ideas we shared with my gf, like having her hold the keys to it to prevent me and my gf from having sex. She found that funny and next Wednesday, my gf will give her a key for an undefined period of time, and I of course wont be allowed to remove the cage without that key. I've been wearing my cage since last Wednesday, which will make a week in the cage when we give her the key (one week is the longest I've been in chastity yet, we're fairly new to this), which will of course end up being longer than that in the end.

We're all really excited about this. I've always found that friend pretty and knowing she's gonna share some kind of intimate power game with my gf is really hot. It may help lead us towards a special threesome or a cuckold session, we'll see :)


Yesterday, my gf took off my cage, and started to tease me. We knew we were going to give our friend the key tomorrow, and since it was goign to be a pretty long time for me, she decided to be nice.
She first started to jerk me off with her hand, bringing her lips close to the tip... gave it a little kiss... gave it a very little lap... making me so crazy for more... And she never gave it to me. She brought me close to an orgasm just like this, with a simple and very teasing handjob. Then she stopped and smiled at me, just as I was about to explode :)

She then started blowing me like the sluttiest pornstar. It was feeling so f*ing good that I didn't last very long and was about to explode again. And she stopped again, right at the end.

That's when she took her vibrating dildo, one with something similar to the rabbit ears one, with a little branch sticking out. She put the tip of my penis between the dildo and the little branch and just stayed there, with a constant vibration, and it felt so amazing... Of course she stopped before the end. Each time, she wanted to stop as close as she could, I was giving her the signal to stop, and she wouldn't be satisfied until she saw my rock hard dick wiggle in frustration, just as it would if it was cumming, except nothing was coming out.

She took the dildo again, and switched it on, and off, and on, and off again. Only making it vibrate 1 second every 2-3 seconds. It was very frustrating and yet satisfying. That's when I fucked up. My body was sending me confused signals, and I warned her just too late, and came.

She didn't ruin my orgasm, but she wished I didn't cum just yet, and so did I. I felt miserable, and so sorry, believe me I wanted to be teased more. Anyway, we agreed that I would sleep without the cage, and so we went to sleep. She didn't want any orgasm for her at all that night, she wanted to be horny for tomorrow.

So next morning, I put on my cage, and we get ready to go out. We're both laying in bed at some point, and she puts a foot on my cage to tease me. I grow a little horny, of course, and she then proceeds to blow me over the cage, and it's a metal one with bars, so I can feel her warm mouth around me, and it feels so fucking arousing. I love it, I just love it so much, and she keeps going, but it's horrible I want to break that cage and just have sex already. Too bad, she stops and decide we have to get dressed :)
I just can't stand it and jumps on her and kiss her all I can. She tells me to stop otherwise she'll get mean. I can't. She throws me on my back and gets the vibrator, and put it against my cage. If you guys ever tried it, you know how it feels. That's the easiest way to make someone cum in a cage. And I was about to quickly of course, so she stopped right at the edge, and that's when it all ended for that day :) It took me a couple minutes to calm myself, but it went "alright" and we ended up going out.

Fast forward to an interesting moment with the friend :)

My gf was wearing the key around her neck on a necklace, we were sitting in a park beside some water, the two of them in bathing suits. My gf got an idea and said "I'll give you the key, if you kiss me". After some hesitation, she took the key, attached it to her own necklace, and kissed my gf.

As we continued the day, the friend, let's call her Marie, seemed to enjoy the situation more than I expected. She did several jokes regarding how I didn't have power anymore, how I couldn't do anything with my cock, and how she wasn't going to give the key back :)

Overall we had fun, it was pretty exciting, but nothing more than a little kiss happened.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading, I don't have much to give you regarding Marie since she's fairly shy and didn't talk about the situation that much. She just had some fun and took it lightly.


Story by user /r/LostLook on Reddit