I wrote this short story for a prompt some time ago. After finding this sub, I figured someone here would also enjoy it.

The prompt: "A masturbation addict notices that her clit is gradually being desensitized by her own excessive stimulation making it more and more difficult for her to reach the orgasms she craves. She fears that if she can’t break her addiction to cumming, she may become unable to reach climax altogether."

She regretted it the instant the lock clicked, sealing the belt around her hips.

“There. That should keep your hands off yourself,” her friend said, smiling as she tucked the key away in her pocket.

“Actually, um, Amy-”

“No ‘actuallys’. You asked me to help you, Dana. If you can’t go a day without coming, you need me more than I thought.”

A day. It felt like the bottom of her stomach dropped out at the words. It was rare for her to have less than three orgasms a night, and often she went further, whiling away the hours after work with her toys until she was sore and aching and still rubbing herself with her fingers, coaxing out just one more burst of pleasure. The thought of being unable to even touch her pussy made her incredibly nervous, but it wasn't as frightening as the idea of not being able to come. Ever.

That was why she confessed her fears to Amy, knowing that she had a problem but unable to exercise enough self-control to fix it herself. She had tried to cut back, to restrict herself to only one or two per day, but every time she found her fingers slipping down to play with her clit, she came again and again until the sensitive little nub started to grow numb. She couldn’t reach orgasm without that kind of stimulation, and each time she fell into one of her hedonistic binges it became a bit less responsive to her touch, a bit more difficult to climax. It scared the hell out of her.

Thankfully, Amy was more than kinky and knowledgeable enough to figure out a solution: a chastity belt, with her as the keyholder. It was something that Dana had never really thought about before, the idea of restricting her pleasure so contrary to how she enjoyed herself that she only vaguely knew such a thing existed. Now she was intimately aware of it. She rubbed at the cool metal wrapped over her hips as it slowly warmed up to match her body temperature, trying and failing to stop the worry growing inside her. She was completely cut off from a part of her own body.

“I'll come over tomorrow night to let you out,” Amy said, gathering up her things. “If there's an emergency, call me. Needing to come is not an emergency. If you call me for that, the belt is staying on for a week. Got it?”

Dana swallowed hard and nodded. A week without orgasm was unthinkable, something that hadn't happened since she had learned how to masturbate. Whatever frustration a day brought, she would just have to live with it.

“Don't worry, you'll be fine.” Amy gave her a quick hug, smiling as she headed for the door. “See you!”

Dana waved weakly as the door closed, leaving her alone in her apartment. She looked down at herself, running her hand over the metal plate covering her crotch, dreading the frustration she knew was coming. She shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts, and pulled on her jeans, letting down her shirt to hide the steel around her waist. That looks… normal. More or less. She went into her bedroom to check herself out in the full-length mirror. She didn’t seem that different: same mane of frizzy black hair pulled back into a ponytail, her green eyes a little apprehensive, her pale cheeks a little flushed. The belt didn’t stand out under her clothes, flowing with her curvy figure. As long as she didn’t wear anything form-fitting, it was unlikely anyone would notice.

The matter of her noticing it was more of a question of how long it would be before she was begging Amy for the key. This was the time of the evening when she usually settled into her bed, ready to come until she passed out. As that wasn’t an option anymore, she struggled to think of something else to do. She went to her computer and turned it on, trying to ignore the growing need between her legs. She browsed through some social media sites, idly wondering if there was any shows that she could watch. After a while of browsing, she accidentally clicked over into one of her bookmarks, which were mostly a collection of her favorite porn. She found herself staring at the video's preview of two lesbians passionately kissing, their perfect bodies only covered by tiny bits of lingerie. Knowing it was a bad idea, she pressed play, watching the two gorgeous women come out and lay down together on an unrealistically huge bed, starting to get hot and heavy. Dana didn’t consider herself gay or even really bi, having never done anything more than a friendly peck on the lips with another woman, but idea of it turned her on immensely. As the woman on screen reached down to finger her partner, Dana’s hand unconsciously slid down her body, only coming to her attention when it slipped under her jeans and met hard metal. She wanted to cry. God… how the fuck am I going to last a day? Maybe I can still manage with the wand...

She dug out her most powerful vibrator from her box of toys and sat back down at her computer, kicking off her jeans and turning the power to full as she pressed the buzzing head to her clit through the metal. She could definitely feel it, but the sensation was so diluted that she barely got any pleasure. She persisted, ignoring the rattling noise, grinding it against herself as hard as she could as the woman in the video moaned. She gave up after a few minutes, a low sob of need escaping her as she watched the woman climax. Even though she knew it wouldn’t work, she squeezed her fingers as far under the metal as she could, only succeeding in gently brushing her sensitive folds and covering her digits in slick arousal. She moaned in frustration, squirming in her chair. She was infinitely more desperate than she had been an hour ago and was no closer to coming.

Well, she was one hour out of twenty-four closer.

“Hey,” Amy said, standing on Dana’s doorstep. The tall brunette was dressed casually in leggings and a low-cut tank top, flaunting her curves to the world. “How are you?”

“Bad.” She pulled Amy inside and shut the door behind her, leaning against it with a heavy sigh, knowing she was flushed and red, her friend's clothes not helping.

Amy looked her up and down, a smirk curving her lips. “Wow. Is a day really that much?”

“Yeah,” Dana said, her voice breathy with desire.

Amy’s brown eyes gleamed with amusement. “Have you been like this the whole time? What was work like in that state?”

“Don’t ask.” She had been forced to put paper towels over the belt to stop her arousal from staining her pants, and her coworkers had kept making concerned comments about her looking feverish, asking if she wanted to go home early. It wasn’t uncommon for her to sneak a quick orgasm in the bathroom during her break, and her thoughts had strayed constantly to that. All she could think of all day long was coming. People she’d never given a second look to were suddenly incredibly attractive and distracting, and she found herself fantasizing about serving one of them in order to be unlocked. Now that her time was close at hand, she was very ready to be free. “Do you have the key?”

Amy patted her pockets theatrically, then frowned. “Hmm, no. Must have forgot it at home.” Dana almost sobbed, and Amy broke into a grin. “Jeez, girl, I was teasing. Of course I have it.”

“Oh thank God.” Dana sighed in relief, holding out her hand.

“Woah, slow down there. You didn't think I would just hand it over and let you go work yourself into an orgasm coma, did you?” Amy asked, still grinning. “You need supervision.”

“Supervision…?” Dana echoed, suddenly worried.

“Tell me that if I gave you this key right now and walked away you wouldn't go do the exact same thing you do every night.” Dana wavered, not ready to lie, and Amy pounced on her hesitation. “Exactly. You’re in chastity right now because you can’t control yourself. You need me to control you.”

Dana couldn’t think straight with the arousal clouding her mind, and besides, Amy was right. She fidgeted, her fingers rubbing at the top of the belt through her shirt, and finally asked, “What are you going to do?”

“Oh, plenty,” Amy said, the mischievous grin returning to her face. “But you’ve done your time. Let’s go to your bedroom.” Dana didn’t need any more prompting than that, following her eagerly and sitting on the bed.

“Strip,” she ordered, and Dana faltered for only a moment before shucking off her jeans and top, exposing the clear wetness dripping down her inner thighs.

“Wow, you really are eager. How often did you say you come, normally?”

“I…” Dana couldn’t remember what she’d told Amy. “I sort of lose count after a while. On the good days I get to double digits.”

“Good grief, girl. No wonder you’re leaking like a faucet,” Amy said, shaking her head. She slipped out something from her pocket, holding it behind herself as she gave Dana an appraising look. “So, I’ve got a choice for you. Either you promise me that you won’t touch yourself at all while the belt is off, or…” She held up her hand, jingling a pair of handcuffs. “You wear these.” Dana opened her mouth to reply, and Amy held up a hand to forestall her. “Fair warning, the promise comes with consequences if it’s broken. Judging by how desperate you look right now, I don’t know how well your self-control will hold up. You definitely won’t like the punishment.”

Dana hesitated, looking conflicted, but ultimately held out her wrists together in front of her.

“Hah! Cute, but no. Turn around.” Dana stood up, turning her back to Amy, and her friend’s hands closed around her wrists, pulling them behind her back. She felt the coolness of metal as it clickclicked around her and Amy stepped back, letting go of her. “How do they feel? Too tight?”

Dana tested the cuffs, feeling another drop of slick arousal seep past the belt and trail down her thigh. She couldn’t take her hands out from behind her back with her arms restricted, but there wasn’t any discomfort. “They’re, uh, fine.”

“Good. You can turn around now, by the way.” Amy met her eyes as she turned back, her expression serious. “Do you have a safeword?”

“Um…” She knew what a safeword was, but had never thought about using one, much less come up with it. She struggled to think of anything that wasn’t related to sex or pleasure, and Amy took pity on her as the silence stretched on.

“I use ‘mailbox’, personally. That can be it, if you want. Just know that it’s for stopping things, not getting to come.”

“Okay.” As much as she appreciated the caution, Dana was desperate to start. “Do you want me to lay down, or…?”

“Let me get the belt off first.” Amy pulled out the key, and Dana's heart fluttered, breath quickening as Amy unlocked the infernal device. Finally, her needy heat was exposed to the open air, revealing the inside of the belt as shiny with fluid. “Jeez. You’d think I kept you in there for a couple weeks. You’re seriously just turned on twenty-four seven, aren’t you?”

Dana nodded fervently, feeling moderately horrified at even the mention of being denied that long, and Amy laughed. She pulled the metal pieces away, saying, “Stay here for a sec.” Dana froze as Amy stepped out of the bedroom, carrying the belt. As the wait stretched into a minute, she half-considered trying to hump her bed, but Amy came back with a towel before she could move. “It's drying, I figured I should get it clean beforehand. And I got this to keep you from soaking through your bed.”

Dana nodded weakly. She hadn’t really been considering how messy she was, too focused on coming. She waited for Amy to lay down the towel and sat down on top of it, awkwardly wiggling into a lying position without the use of her arms.

“Hmm…” Amy hummed. “It’s going to be uncomfortable on top of your hands. Let me try something.” Dana hesitantly allowed Amy to roll her onto her stomach and squeaked when she was heaved bodily to the edge of the bed, leaving her legs hanging off the side and presenting her slick heat. Even the slight stimulation of being dragged over the towel was painfully good, and she felt her own wetness against her stomach where her arousal had rubbed onto the fabric.

“How’s that?”

Dana shifted a little as the surprise faded, just wanting it to happen already. “I-It’s good.” Despite the fact that she was facedown, the position didn’t strain her neck, and her legs were touching the ground just enough to hold her in place without any danger of getting tired. Why’s she going to so much trouble? I’m so wired that this’ll only take like ten seconds with the wand. She felt a touch at her folds and started at the sudden feeling, trying to look behind her as Amy ran her hand over the length of her aching, swollen heat, collecting the slick fluid built up there.

“I-I thought that you were just going to use a vibrator or- or…” Dana trailed off, staring over her shoulder as Amy licked the wetness off her fingers.

“Are you objecting?”

“No!” It came out a little more forcefully than she intended, but the impish gleam in Amy’s eyes was making her nervous. She was well and truly at her friend’s mercy, and she shuddered to think of what would happen if she gave Amy an excuse to deny her.

“Well, alright then…” Amy said, smirking as she crouched down and rubbed her fingers up and down Dana’s drooling heat, enjoying the tiny, frustrated noises she was able to draw out. She carefully avoided touching her clit, teasing all around it without actually stimulating and holding back a laugh as Dana squirmed against the bed, trying to push against her fingers. Gently, easily, she slipped a finger inside, finding no resistance as Dana moaned and clenched around her digit. She added another, slowly thrusting in and curling slightly, dragging her fingers over Dana’s swollen front wall as she searched for a particular spot. She wasn't in any hurry, stroking at her leisure and drinking in the delicious noises spilling from Dana with each movement. She knew exactly when she found what she was looking for when Dana gasped, suddenly writhing against the bed.

“You like that?” Amy murmured. “You know, you said you can only orgasm with your clit, but I find a little hard to believe.”

“It’s true,” Dana moaned, muffled against the bed. “Please- ahhh, fuck- please touch it...”

“So I could just sit here playing with your g-spot all night and you wouldn’t come once?” An evil smile spread across her lips. “I don’t know, maybe I should test it.”

“Noooo,” Dana begged, jerking at the cuffs, starting to struggle. “You wouldn’t, please, no-”

Amy laid a reassuring hand on her thigh, rubbing her slightly. “Don’t worry, you’ll come. Eventually.” Dana quieted a bit, and she added, “You do beg quite nicely, though. Do it some more. Beg for me to let you come.”

Dana flushed, too desperate to do anything but obey. “Please let me come, please, I’ll do- fuck- mmm-” She bit her lip, trying to grind into Amy’s fingers as she continued to stroke her g-spot.

“Keep going,” Amy murmured, thrusting her fingers faster.

“I- ah- I’ll do anything, I need it so bad- God- just- Amy- mmm- please-

“Anything?” she asked, her voice a husky whisper.


Amy moved her other hand to rub at the hood of Dana’s swollen clit, gently teasing it free, rubbing her index and middle fingers across it in a slow, easy motion. Dana twitched, her two most sensitive spots simultaneously stimulated, her whole body coiling with hot tension, toes curling into the carpet and hands clenching into fists. She came with a hoarse cry that was barely muffled by the bed, shuddering, legs spasming, a rush of hot wetness coating Amy’s hands as her body arched and writhed against the bed. Amy kept her fingers working, holding a rhythm the best she could as Dana bucked, drawing out the pleasure until she sprawled bonelessly against the sheets, her chest heaving, heart racing.

Amy stood up from the edge of the bed, rubbing a hand over Dana’s side, encouraging her to breathe. “I’m going to take the cuffs off, okay? I trust you not to touch yourself.” Dana mumbled something incoherent in reply and Amy unlocked the handcuffs, frowning at the red marks on her wrists where she had pulled too hard.

“You probably need to rinse off. Come on.”

Dana allowed herself to be pulled upright and dragged into the bathroom. Amy gently washed her with the detachable showerhead, being careful not to stimulate her with the warm water. When she was all clean and toweled off, Amy affixed the belt around Dana’s hips, locking it shut with that same little click.

“It’s a lot better with someone else...” Dana mumbled, speaking up for the first time as Amy led her back to the bedroom. “I don’t feel like I need to go again... at least right now.”

“That’s good. How’d your clit feel?”

“Uh… really good. And more sensitive. Um…” Dana flushed. “I feel like all that was a little more than helping me out as a friend.”

“And…?” Amy said, smiling. “I enjoyed it. You definitely enjoyed it. We don’t need a label for whatever this is.” She rubbed the back of her head. “Oh yeah, about that ‘anything’…”

“What do you want me to do?” Dana murmured, her eyes submissively downcast.

“I was actually going to say that it was said under duress, but if you’re willing…” Amy flopped onto the bed, sprawling out. “I could use a hand. I’m so goddamn horny right now.”



Story by r/macktosh on Reddit (HentaiFoundry page)