We were talking on the phone about how modern professionals communicate and make friends. I mentioned how I heard office instant messaging is a way young people make friends. My fiance excitedly agreed and described how that is the main way for her and her coworkers to blow off steam in the office, to chat with IM and how it is easier because you can take your time to respond with something witty.

Then she said, “You know that’s how I met friends when i was at my job in Boston, right? Some guys on the same floor as me messaged me asking if I wanted to go out for drinks. Ofcourse, I was excited to do that so I said yes!”.

She always does this, finds a way to casually mention how other guys could be interested in her and how she is willing to reciprocate the attention. She loves to tease me about other guys and keep me on my toes. During this instance, she didn't pause or wait to hear my response and the conversation drifted on to other topics without acknowledgement or question of the appropriateness of this behavior. She knows I like it. And I was delighted to see that it is internalized in her that she may accept attention or flirt with guys without protest from me. That it has become a fact of our life, and mentioning it does not necessarily provoke attention to the fact that it is out of the norm or a sexual turn on for me.

When she said the words I, already being horny from a few days built up sexual energy, enjoyed the panicked feeling I got from hearing that she happily accepted attention and reciprocated other guys’ (the guys being even more threatening to me since they were of the same ethnicity as her) advances. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the tingly feeling, butterflies in my stomach and the rush of blood from my brain and other limbs, through my chest, and to my penis as I became aroused. She is such a bad girl! And what kind of man am I, who listens to my future wife tell me about her deliberate interactions with guys who were almost definitely interested in her?

Although this instance was instantaneous and vague, there have been many other times where she has teased me directly about other men being attracted to her and how she allows their attention and shows interest back! It had been over the course of a few years that she learned about my submissive nature in progressive steps leading up to my F.L.R., chastity and cuckold fantasies. I am very lucky that she is enthusiastic to play along and tease me casually. Oh how I am so lucky.

We have played around in college after I showed her a chastity cage I bought, made a pretty necklace out of the key and had nights where she had me locked while we went to the bar or parties. Here she would tease me about getting with other guys while I would experience the frustration and horrifying joy of being teased by my hot confident girlfriend while having my erection restricted, and being forced to remain horny. Back in bed at the end of the night I would eat her out before receiving anything and at least once she fell asleep while I stayed locked!

One night she partied while I was away and danced (grinded) with quite a few guys, and did some other dirty other deeds too: sticking her hands in one guys pants to feel his package and kissing another boy goodnight. It was one of the hottest experiences of my life when she called me while drunk at the end of the night and enjoyed telling me all the bad things she did and how she did them all for me! That night established her ability dance with other men without my permission.

What kind of man am I? A proud cuckold.

I love the feeling of frustration and the idea of a loving wife who will tease me sexually, upto the discussion of and actual execution of cuckolding me. For me sexual teasing and femdom feels like a form of love. A passionate exchange of power and making myself vulnerable to her. I love her and trust her enough to expect she will love and respect me back even after consensual infidelity.

I can’t explain why cuckolding turns me on. I just know when I think about it, it gives me a pit in my chest, and makes my penis hard! I know it does give me happiness to think she could receive more pleasure being fucked harder and deeper by another man (with a larger penis) and I desire to make her happy this way.

Why I love being locked in chastity is only slightly more clear to me. The feeling of giving up control, of being extra horny and under my wife and keyholder’s thumb, the desperation and helplessness are things I crave. Perhaps there are psychological theories why, such a desire to return to infancy.

I am currently engaged to the amazing woman in question and, along with a host of other personal projects before the wedding, I want to get trained to wear a chastity cage consistently, so she may lock me up from time to time once we are married. I imagine that we will have some short term fun with chastity and if I am lucky and small play goes well, it my spiral into full on longer term lock-ups and role changes which would make my sexual fantasies come true. God I can't wait to serve her and hope I can make her happy, and that she will enjoy making me work for it!

Her sexual personality is a switch, and her deepest turn-on’s involve being submissive (being fucked rough and hard). However I am glad she does enjoy dominating me much of the time and I think is liking it more and more. I am highly submissive but still enjoy (in a small amount sexual, and large amount non-sexual way) playing the part of dominant when I want to get her off. Playing dominant is almost more like food for my ego than a sexual turn on. Sometimes I wonder if the solution to our imbalance is to have her cuckold me, so i may be submissive always, and she may be dominant but get her fix of being submissive to her bull?

Anyway I am grateful for my progress and sexual adventures so far and hope we may both find ways to make each others fantasies come true! In some time maybe I will have some steamy updates.



 Story by user /r/Shabaz6969 on Reddit