Long story, short story, I'm a mid 30 lad, who discovered chastity more or less a year ago.

As time is passing locking time time is extending also, my wife enjoying it more and more.

Anyway yesterday I got unlocked, she decided it because I was too frustrated after the edging session with the cage.

She was not really in the mood for sexual intercourse and let's be honest, the edging session was initially just to bother me, but I was complaining like a baby.

She became quite strict which is something I'm not really use to and made things clear, I'd better cum fast or I'll get back to the cage for a really long time. Her words was : "Since you can't handle a little bit of foreplay without whining like a kid, you'd better cum quickly and not bothering me for too long or you ain't gonna like it"

She started a really humiliating handjob, actually things went really fast one hand in my dick the other pinching my nipples and and voice whispering ho pathetic I am for not being able to resist the temptations.

2 minutes later I was exploding while she was laughing and saying : "You are officially a member of the quicky little wanker club, this is pathetic I dunno what I gonna do with you... "

I was feeling shy , humiliated but still damn aroused only one word came out of my mouth, sorry. She replied : "It's all fine my little wanker I still love you"

I now don't know how things will goes but something changed yesterday...



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