My Domme, keyholding, wife woke me up this morning by cupping and squeezing my balls in a nice gentle caressing sort of way. Typically she wants nothing to do with sex the first half of the work week but this morning she was horny and wanted to get off. She gets oral whenever the mood strikes and she knew we both had time to burn.

“Be a good boy and get busy. I want to come.”

Still groggy I mutter without thinking, “Can we take it out this weekend?”

Right now I’m just over four months into a pussy free, orgasm free, penetration free year (she won’t even take me in her mouth or close her hand around me) and I too am horny as hell. I only get released once a month for about an hour and that day is still more than a week and a half away. My hands are always bound behind me. I just want to see the little guy unencumbered—and feel it swell without the constricting band and head of the device.

“You mean your dick? Who’s ‘we’? You mean me? Why do you need it out? It hasn’t even been a month since your last release. How are you going to make it two months?”

Last month she decided that she wanted to make it two months in between releases, meaning we'll be skipping August. I can’t argue that there’s a need. My device fits me perfectly and whether I’m released each week or once a month it seems to make no difference.

Knowing that I had no real argument I stayed quiet, but mistakenly I also stayed still. So she grabbed my ear and pulled me down towards her crotch and at the same time flipped her leg over me and rotated her body towards my face. Tongue meet pussy. Pussy meet tongue. Once my head was in the right position she dropped her leg over my shoulder and firmly held me in place.

Three orgasms later I’m naked in the kitchen making coffee.



Story by mcqueen455 via