One of the most important aspects of chastity play is safety. Since this involves locking mechanisms, metal/plastic parts, encasement of body parts, and restrictions, all participants must be sure they are practicing safe behavior. 


Here are some thing to consider:

Precaution #1: Start SLOW

It is probably very exciting to dive right into chastity play and begin a session for a set amount of time, but this is something that should be taken in small increments. Each lockup session should be done slowly to ensure none of the following happen:

  • Uncomfortable chafing or rubbing
  • Restriction of blood flow
  • Access to body parts for cleaning and/or maintenance
  • Scars, cuts, bruises, or other physical harm
  • The submissive is able to complete various tasks without it having an impact on their ability to complete said tasks

These are all issues that can be discovered by starting slow lockup sessions without an actual lock. The submissive may practice on their own, or all participants may test. Remember to start slow!

  • Start with analyzing a proper fit and explore the feeling of the device.
    • Does it fit well?
    • Is there any pinching?
    • Tightness?
    • Cold feeling skin anywhere?
    • Try walking slowly in the device.
    • Then walk a little faster.
    • Can you make small stretches without hurting yourself?
    • Can you complete all your daily tasks while wearing the device?
  • From there, slowly increase lockup time until all participants are sure there is no risk. Between each lockup period, be sure to inspect the skin and surrounding areas. Here is a suggestion for easing into it:
    • 15 minutes, 1 hour break
    • 1 hour, then 1 hour break
    • 4 hours, then 1 day break
    • During a nap, then 1 day break
    • Overnight, then a 1 day break
    • 24 hours, then a 2 day break
  • From here on, you should know if you can continuously wear it. Remember, we are dealing with body parts, so it is important to take cautious steps forward.



Precaution #2: Inspect Regularly for Issues

As lockup time increases, all participants should regularly inspect the submissive's body for any signs of wear, including but not limited to:

  • Bruising
  • Chafing
  • Open wounds
  • Itchiness
  • Bacteria growth
  • Restriction of blood flow
  • Discoloration
  • Feeling of cold or numbness
  • Pain, either internal or external
  • Anything that even remotely causes concern

It is wise to occasionally unlock the submissive for inspection, as chastity devices can cover up and close off areas of skin on the body. This can of course be done while the submissive is restrained or not allowed to move.


Precaution #3: Mental Health

Chastity has both a physical and mental aspect to it. The submissive has lost control over their own body parts, which can be very erotic sometimes. However, it is very important to have frequent discussions both before, during and after play to make sure all participants are communicating things effectively. A submissive should be given a safe-word or have the ability to stop the play at any point for fear of physical or mental harm. This is vital to ensuring the submissive is able to exit the situation at any point. As a relationship develops and trust is established, the dominant will be able to better read the submissive's needs and limits, but there should still be an emergency way for the submissive to communicate an emergency.

Some suggestions for this precaution are as follows:

  • Use a safe word with the expectation that ALL play will stop immediately, the submissive will be freed, and given a judgement free environment
  • Put a key to the lock (or the emergency combo) inside of something that needs to be broken. This will signify that the session has ended if the submissive has to break open a glass bottle or tear open an envelope
  • Regularly have a "safe conversation" outside of the BDSM dynamic at regular intervals. Perhaps over some nice tea and cookies

As a relationship develops, communication can slowly become more and more nonverbal and all participants can figure out what their partner(s) is/are thinking.



This is just the bare-bones basics I could think of. There are probably many more precautions that should be taken. Be sure to gather information from multiple sources before playing, and have fun!